• Defining and managing R&D programmes.
  • Steering development projects.
  • Regulatory framework, marketing and functional specifications, formulation
  • Physico-chemical and micro-biological testing, monitoring stability, designing specific protocols
  • Environmental and safety testing, including in eco-toxicity.
  • Pilots and industrial production.
  • Verification of compliance with European and Worldwide legislation.
  • Development and approval of raw materials.
  • Synthesis of new components.
  • New non-polluting extraction and/or synthesis procedures

Regulatory expertise

  • Good Practices in the Manufacturing of Cosmetics in accordance with the ISO standards 22716, requirement of the new CE regulation No 1223/2009, entry into force 11 July 2013.
  • REACH regulations – Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.
  • ISO standard 13485 on quality requirements for medical devices.
  • Bonnes Pratiques de Fabrication or BPF (Good Manufacturing Practices) for human or veterinary medicine.

Quality management

  • Setting up and monitoring quality measures all along the process, whilst always integrating the specificity of products, and human, industrial and economic constraints.
  • Decision support concerning the choice of relevant certification.
  • Setting up BPF certification: Bonnes Pratiques de Fabrication (Good Manufacturing Practices), in accordance with the ISO reference 22716.
  • Realisation of protocols and procedures relevant to quality requirements.
  • Development of a quality control plan.

Investment solutions

ORNATUM Cosmétologie also supplies full assistance to independent investors interested in the Health-Beauty market. We are fully operational all through the process, from the early stages of product designing to final marketing, always in the best possible environment (security, quality control, regulation, budget).

Example of projects:

  • For a private investor: development of a range of branded cosmetic products for the Chinese market. “Turnkey” formula.
  • For an international pharmaceutical laboratory: development of an innovative massage emulsion-gel with essential oils.

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